Fearless Confidence and Natural virgin hair extensions

STASH travelled to India to source the rawest and most premium product, we want you to feel and look amazing wearing your STASH! 

STASH hair unprocessed and untreated Indian hair, with all cuticles intact and in one direction, giving you a flawless appearance.

All of our  Indian  Hair is pure, all natural, 100% Virgin Indian remy hair. It is uncolored, untreated, unprocessed, and chemical free. Unlike hair from other retailers, our commitment to chemical free hair allows our hair to remain completely odorless.

Our bundles are all from single donors and, therefore, not mixed or matched hair from multiple donors. In addition, our hair is remy, which means that all hair cuticles within a bundle lay in one direction, this minimises friction and keeps our hair frizz and tangle free.
Typical hair from other retailers is steam treated or pressed, which causes wave and curl patterns to lessen with each wash. That will not happen with our hair. Our straight and wavy hair bundles are not steam treated or steam pressed. Because of this, each and every single time you shampoo your hair and let it dry naturally, it will go back to its original texture.
Have a look below at some pictures from our journey to India.