We are S.T.A.S.H 

We create natural beauty products that are like us a fusion of Island girl roots with a London flavour.

S.T.A.S.H was born out of the need to know exactly which ingredients were in the products we used. 

We endeavour to be transparent with our ingredient list and provide clean beauty products for hair and body.

Our Motto is some things are simple her; Hair, Body and skin products being just a few.



We create natural beauty products that are clean, simple but effective.
Our products are a reflection of us with a mix of Caribbean roots and London flavour. 
We aim to provide you with products that aid with your self-care and self-love rituals. 


S.T.A.S.H was born from the necessity to create a luxurious hair and skincare range that infused traditional remedies and produce simple clean products.
Just like the Caribbean we wanted to create a sense of community within our brand therefore, always having someone on our team to talk clients through products and give them a safe place to interact.