STASH was created after realising that life is hectic and we are often way too busy to slow down and appreciate the small pleasures in life.

STASH products encourage you to indulge in self care and self love.

STASH use natural ingredients to create clean, sustainable beauty products. 


We are continually researching new ingredients to provide the most affective products using natural high quality sourced ingredients that have been tried and tested on our founder. 

STASH endeavours to be transparent with our ingredient list and provide clean beauty products for hair and body.

Some areas in life need be calm and less chaotic, Some Things Are Simple Her; Hair, body and skin products being just a few in life. 


Our Ethos


We are committed to promoting realistic images of beauty on our platforms. 
We aspire to encourage diversity and inclusion.  Encouraging young people from all walks of life to be their best natural selves 



We stand firm in our belief that products should be TOXIN free. Our products are made using natural ingredients which are clearly displayed on our product pages.


 Our products are not tested on animals at any point during our production cycle 


We do our best to limit waste during production, with a particular focus on our ingredients and packaging