Body Soufflé

Thick body butter made using distilled water and refined butter, our soufflés, are light and airy but extremely moisturising for the skin, perfect for those that do not like the greasiness of whipped body butters.

Our soufflés can be used as a body conditioner which is a tool to restore the moisture back to the skin that is stripped by harsh soaps in the bath. The skin absorbs the moisture needed, and the excess washes away.


Whipped Body Butters

Beautifully whipped unrefined body butters, these are perfect for individuals who need that extra bit of moistures. Thicker than the soufflés leaving a light glow on the skin. 

Our whipped butters are created using a mix of easily absorbed oils that are full of hydrating and skin loving goodness. Our two whipped butters on site are;

Shea & Coconut 

Caramel Glo 


Body Scrubs

Our body scrubs are made using organic cane sugar and beautiful oils and fragrances to leave you skin exfoliated and smooth. 

We suggest using body scrub 2/3 times a week as to not over exfoliate causing irritation.